Benefits of ringless voicemail marketing

One of the biggest benefits of ringless voicemail is that consumers do not face any interruptions. Your ringless voicemail message will not interrupt someone during a family dinner or an important work engagement. Because of this, the probability of irritating someone is lower compared to a robocall or a regular call. Even if you do irritate a consumer, the consumer can’t do anything on the spot such as be rude to your phone representative because there is no representative to be mad at.

The ability to leave a voicemail without interrupting someone is one of the biggest differences between ringless voicemail and a robocall, which is an automated call with a pre-recorded message that starts playing even when someone picks up the phone. In the United States, robocalls are typically made by political parties, politically-affiliated organizations and telemarketers, but they can also be used for emergency and public service announcements.

While many ringless voicemails are robocalls, a regular robocall is, indeed, a call, which means that it can pose an interruption to a consumer and lead to charges on the phone bill. Ringless voicemail doesn’t have any of these disadvantages because there is no direct contact with the subscriber of the service.

Another benefit of a ringless voicemail from a marketing standpoint is the duration of the voicemail. With robocalls or even live calls, the subscriber can hang up the phone and stop the delivery of a message. A ringless voicemail message can last anywhere between 10 seconds and 5 minutes ( and since it goes directly to the voicemail box, marketers can be sure that the message will be delivered entirely.

Whether the consumer is going to listen to the entire duration of the message is a completely different story, but every consumer that gets a ringless voicemail does have such an opportunity. For this reason, the ratio of returned calls or other calls to action contained in ringless voicemail messages is higher compared to robocalls, which is great news for marketers.

With ringless voicemail, marketers can use the latest technology to deliver their messages to consumers and yet consumers don’t get bombarded with calls at all hours of day and night. Then, they can choose the messages they want to pay attention to, all without having to pay for the messages.

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